Save yourself time at the branch by preparing for your visit...

You can download the relevant investment / savings application form from the links below. The first page of the form will indicate what sections you will be required to complete, depending on the type of applicant. For example, applications made in the names of close corporations, trusts or companies, require different sections to be completed than applications made in your individual capacity. The application form also provides details of what supporting forms may be required, and what supporting documentation your will need for your application.

If the applicant (individual, CC, trust, company etc), already has a relationship with GBS, we will only need updates to the information that we already have on file. You can obtain the applicant's customer number (CIF) by contacting your nearest branch.

If you have any questions, contact your nearest GBS branch and speak to an adviser.

In addition to your investment / savings account application form, we may need additional information from you. For example, if your application is in the name of a juristic entity (such as a close corporation, a limited company, or a trust), or if the application is made in any other capacity other than in your individual name (for example in the name of a partnership, school, church organisation, club, sole-proprietor, government department, etc), we will need a related party information form for each relevant related parties. The investment / savings application form provides further details regarding the supporting forms, and supporting documentation that will be required for your application.

If any of your information has changed since you opened an account with us, you can download the relevant information update forms using the links below.

If you are needing to transact on any of your accounts, whether it is an internal transfer, an external payment, a cash deposit or cash withdrawal and you would like to complete the forms beforehand you can download the forms using the links below.

And remember, if you have any questions, contact your nearest GBS branch and speak to an adviser.